Sunlit Victorian Mid Century Modern House

Located in Australia, this modern Victorian home is a sun-drenched home that is strongly connected to the outdoors by glazed walls. The part of the house facing the street has an original appearance. The modern Japanese landscaping and a long, sleek pool are eye-catching design elements outdoors.

The interior decor is made of stone, wood, and plywood, a warm color palette traditional for mid-century modern style, and a few other features such as sunken rooms.

The living room is sunken and has glazed walls connecting it to the outdoor dining area, pool and garden. This open layout also features a kitchen and a small work area. The master bedroom is also sunken and has a comfortable bed and work area. A glass wall lets in a lot of light. The dining room has a couple of picture windows and an antique art fireplace. A guest room is a brightly colored space with a plum-colored carpet on the floor and French doors to the garden. It’s more private and less open to the outdoors. The overall impression of the house is a mid-century sun-drenched modern space connected to the garden.

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