Sunrise Inspired Modern Lights

When decorating your space, keep in mind that lighting fixtures are an important part of any interior. They can make a statement, create a dramatic effect, highlight your interior or contrast it with their colors and textures. Pendants, walls, floors and tables are not only sources of light, but also part of your decor. If you are looking for some original ideas I want to share these with you! These are cool wall lights that are sure to highlight your space.

Hollis + Morris combined solid wood and metal to create a wall sconce that creates a soft, warm range of light, similar to the ethereal light of a sunrise that most of us are likely to miss when we sleep. The RISE SCONCE offers you the opportunity to experience the sunrise every day from home.

A brushed copper or brass circle mounted on the wall contains a backlit solid wood disc that reflects an aura of light and creates a magical lamp.

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