Super Functional House

Dot Architects designed a house of the future that was built in a historic district of Beiling, China. The site already had a 30 square meter house and 80 square meter yard that were included in the project.

The original house had a wooden frame that the architects kept and incorporated into their new design. They replaced the roof and removed all internal partitions. The house became an open floor plan and the differentiation between the rooms is based on two movable furniture modules that offer four different design options. The interior space can be converted from a three bedroom house to a small office in minutes. A new structure has been added, a small volume that includes the kitchen and bathroom.

The transition between inside and outside is fairly smooth and seamless thanks to the glass doors through which the inside spaces can be opened and connected with the outside areas. Skylight windows let in natural light and give the rooms a fresh and bright look.

The interior design is simple and humble, as is the exterior of the house. All the furniture is on the walls, leaving the center of the house open to all possible possibilities. The movable furniture modules are equipped with storage compartments and numerous useful functions. The materials used are simple, with an emphasis mainly on functionality.

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