Super Smart Sofa

The Internet of Things is no longer limited to the Internet. It now contains furniture. In fact, the lift bit (not to be confused with Fitbit or other bits) is the “world’s first Internet of Things sofa”. The Lift-Bit is a modular furniture system that transforms from the sofa to the chair, the bed, the chaise longue and everything else your creativity can dream of.

The lift bit consists of a group of light green, upholstered stools that are motorized with a linear drive. This means that the pillows on the stool can be raised or lowered. In addition, it can be controlled via gestures or of course via a mobile app. It is an ideal part for every modern home, where many things are already controlled with apps and various remote controls. Now it’s your furniture too. The piece is perfect for everyone, but especially teenagers and just your people. You can invite your friends and have fun. The more people the better! You can lie on it, sit on it, meditate on it, communicate with friends, surf the Internet or read, or do whatever you want. The lift-bit system is also good at self-entertaining. When it’s “bored”, the shape changes into different configurations to keep users busy. Such a cool sofa is a great idea for those who want a multifunctional piece that is in no way boring and can be controlled from your phone or laptop, so modern and so cool!

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