Suspension Lamps

Do you love geometric designs? Then these hanging lamps are just right for you. The lighting manufacturer Rich Brilliant Willing worked with the architect David Rockwell for Witt, a collection of pendant lights with matching metal cubes. There are four different types of lamps in the collection. The ethereal aspect of the satin opal balls contrasts with the rigid lines of the cubes and creates a fascinating architectural interplay.

Witt is a modular, geometric version of the traditional chandelier. Pearl-like lights are framed by the graphic outlines of five hollow brass cubes, which, like building blocks, allow endless compositions: They can be hung horizontally and vertically in a linear procession; as a cluster; or at staggered heights. The sets of 5 can also be combined to form a custom scale. The ultra-slim suspension cables are almost invisible and focus on the composition. You can choose between black and gold frames and soft globes positioned as you wish.

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