Table Old And Modern

Did you love LEGO when you were a kid? Or maybe your kids love it now? Then you will love this table too! The Japanese designer Kunikazu Hamanishi combined old world techniques with a modern toy to create the Leg-O coffee table. Each of the six legs were made with a lathe, an old woodworking tool that cuts out sections of wood as it rotates on its axis. The notched sections of the lathe on each of the legs that the cross bars can snap onto, just like the LEGO clip pieces.

The table is rounded off by the two upper sides, which overlap and create a two-level effect. The design is made in such a way that it can easily be expanded or adapted into different configurations as needed. Its simple design and neutral finish allow it to rock in many modern spaces, from rustic to modern. Plus, the table can be easily disassembled and taken where you want it to be.

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