Taylor Swifts Guest House

We’re used to seeing small guest houses in the garden or just a bedroom somewhere in the house, but a whole spacious house just for guests? Only a celebrity can afford an entire mansion for friends and family! And yes, this is a celebrity home – this is a Taylor Swift guest house. Let’s take a look at how Taylor welcomes her guests.

The house is surrounded by palm trees and bamboo to give it and the pool privacy. The pool terrace is surrounded by lush greenery for more privacy. There is also modern upholstered furniture. Everything is here for comfort.

The bungalow is modern in the middle of the century for maximum comfort and an inviting feeling. All bedrooms and other rooms are spacious and have access to outside areas. Sliding doors inspire life both outdoors and indoors. Guests do not have to worry about privacy or security: they feel safe thanks to the most modern surveillance cameras installed throughout the building. Strategically placed skylights bring in light and frame the palm trees outside. The house houses an adjoining air-conditioned wine cellar with 1,000 bottles.

Each room is furnished with classic mid-century modern furniture that matches the architectural style of the house. Each room has its own colorful accents: orange, beige, navy and here and there you can see various bold works of art. They are traditional for the mid-century modern style. Check out the photos of this lovely home below and try not to feel envious!

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