Tiny Pequod House A Masterpiece Of Wood Working

Meet the Pequod, this is a tiny house on wheels built for a family of four currently living in Indiana, USA. At 26 feet in length, this home weighs 11,500 dry places and is 8 to 6 inches maximum wide and 13 to 6 inches high.

The wave shape of the roof is a function of maximizing heights in the lofts, lowering ceiling heights elsewhere, and striving for a “whimsical” design aesthetic. In theory this was plain and simple, but in reality it proved very challenging and time consuming to do. In fact, this house was so difficult to build that it sells considerably more expensive than our normal priced houses. For those curious, a replica of this house would sell for $ 80,000. A build like this is the best of the best, and the design / quality of this caliber doesn’t come cheap.

The interior design completely continues the exterior design: it’s comfortable, rustic, and with some stylish industrial touches. The house is a true masterpiece of wood production: There are structurally insulated wall panels, hand-made French French windows and hand-made operable arched windows in the lofts, custom-made worktops made of hickory and walnut and a welded steel walkway with a plexiglass floor. The wood used for decoration is light, which makes the room airier and makes it appear larger inside. Three-layer cladding with varnished board and fleece, clear cedar wood, cedar shingles and a shape designed by the customer make this tiny house unique and original. Thanks to the intelligent solutions by the designers, you will find enough storage space for everything.

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