Torch For Working Hands Free

Torches, like the camera and Walkman, were killed by the cell phone … But a new torch appeared – the Clipse is a torch lamp that is so different that your cell phone cannot handle it!

It’s adorable, warm, and welcoming. It’s also an ambient light, unlike the directional point lights that flashlights or phones have. The glow of the clips fills the entire room with a subtle aura and not with a glaring light. The intensity of the clips can even be calibrated.

The other unique element of the clips is their shape. Almost like a toy, the clip names itself and is even designed after the solar eclipse. The incomplete donut shape is great for grasping and even docking on railings or handles, so you can work hands-free while your surroundings are beautifully lit. Clipse can be used anywhere – from home to outdoors. Just put it somewhere and do what you need!

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