Tranquil Grey Apartment

Are you looking for a peaceful apartment in neutral colors to get inspiration? I have one for you! The 18th century Copenhagen apartment by designer Oliver Gustav is a calm mix of antique and modern pieces against a classic backdrop.

The building, built in 1734, is classified by the government as a building of architectural importance. Danes take their historical preservation seriously; Practically nothing can be changed in a listed building – neither the sloping floors, the tiny kitchen, nor the placement of sockets or switches, nor the moldings or windows. The first thing you will notice is the dramatic slope of the floor. The foundations of buildings are oak trees that shift over the course of hundreds of years.

Gustav painted the walls with a matte mineral paint from Germany that highlights the subtle texture of the old plaster. Much of the original window panes remain intact, and the wavy glass helps diffuse the free winter light, which is a precious commodity for Danes. Just look how the light softens the sharp angles of any room – it’s absolutely amazing!

To this historically correct backdrop, Gustav has added deep sofas and chairs with heavy linens, as well as 18th century antiques that provide a stately backdrop for the edgier art and objects scattered throughout. The kitchen is highlighted asphalt gray and fitted with modern furniture and household appliances from the middle of the century. My favorite solution here is a tiny home office set up in a closet – it’s a great idea to save some space and separate it from the rest of the apartment. The apartment leaves a lasting impression of calm and beauty everywhere.

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