Transparent Cabin For Camping

Different types of cabins are very popular now, and the reason is simple: they allow you to escape from anything and everything, wherever you want – most of these cabins are mobile. But the cabin we are sharing today is even more special: it is transparent!

The Italian architects Fabio Vignolo and Francesca Turnaturi have created a transparent hut for camping under the stars. The tiny housing module called Immerso can accommodate up to four people and assembly takes only two hours. The transparent roof cabin is a prefabricated wood protection that can be built on site without the use of power tools. It is made from a series of CNC cut birch plywood panels that easily snap together. Thanks to the quick assembly, the structure can also be easily disassembled, packed flat and transported to different locations.

Immerso measures 6 square meters and is located in the alpine town of La Morra in the Italian Alps, 1,900 m above sea level. Inside, a minimal interior space has a double bed and a coffee table. Of course, you can vary the furniture and try your own settings to convert this bedroom into a home office or something else. There is also the option of closing the walls with curtains while keeping the transparent roof exposed. Two large entrance doors offer a view of the surroundings.

The specialty of Immerso is therefore the extremely simple assembly even by non-skilled operators in a very short time in a few simple steps and without the use of tools that are operated with electricity and operational capabilities. This makes Immerso suitable for quick transport and assembly in many different contexts.

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