Trend Talk: Rattan Interior Design

What was old is new again: it’s not just wide-leg pants that are making a comeback straight from the seventies. Rattan furniture is very trendy and we can’t get enough of this furnishing trend. Ultimately, rattan embodies everything Australia is about with its relaxed style.

After years of being associated with outdoor furniture and your hippie aunt’s yoga retreat, rattan is making a comeback. This time it comes indoors to fit seamlessly into the latest interior design trends. It adds structure and warmth to simple interiors such as minimalist or Japanese accommodation. Meanwhile, its vintage appeal fits perfectly into boho-chic and coastal homes. It can even add a touch of whimsy without overwhelming more formal decor like Hamptons style. No matter the room, rattan can be the extra touch your room has been missing.

Durable and versatile, it’s been around longer than you might think. It is originally from Southeast Asia and particularly Malaysia. Rattan furniture first came into fashion in the 19th century. Back then, families from the British Empire were stationed in tropical locations and brought home rattan as souvenirs. In the 1970s, interest in the design world revived, thanks in part to the popularity of the show “Golden Girls.” It’s been all over Pinterest lately as home designers favor vintage vibes and organic textures. This means it never looks out of place, regardless of whether it adorns classic or modern décor.

How to make the trend your home!

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