Ultra Glossy And Sleek Kitchen Design Crystallo From Arrex

Producing shiny and smooth surfaces is a characteristic of many modern kitchen designs. Arrex implements this in its Crystallo collection, which is the perfect harmony between lightning effects, interesting compositions and practical features. It is common for Arrex original decorations to be hidden behind aesthetic lines. The glass that covers the cabinet doors creates original lighting effects and makes the glass the undisputed main feature of the collection. Kitchen made of modern and elegant materials with a solid texture that goes well with a polished aluminum frame. You can choose a model with glass doors or a smooth finish in red, white, cream, black or brown. Crystallo is perfect for those who appreciate the functionality of the furniture but don’t want to forget the design.

If you like this kitchen design, you will probably also like the new kitchen collection from KicheConcept and Pendini’s kitchens with rounded worktops. For more information on Crystallo, see Arrex.

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