Ultra Modern Glossy Kitchen Judy by Futura Cucine

Judy is an amazing kitchen from Futura Cucine that is sure to please people who are into cutting edge design. The contrasting combination of red and black colors makes it one of the best examples of modern minimalist kitchens. All surfaces of this shiny kitchen, including the worktop, are made of lacquered glass, which visually enlarges the kitchen space. Aluminum profiles characterize the elegance of glass doors and give them a refined and stylish touch. Almost all devices are built into red cabinets that take up the entire wall. The work zone has a comfortable shape and consists of three parts: washing up, cooking and having breakfast. The steel sink is fully integrated and looks perfect with a black glass top. Even the hood in this kitchen is covered in glass, adding a perfect touch to this shiny kitchen design. More information is available on Futura Cucine.

If this kitchen is your thing, you might as well like this shiny black and white kitchen.

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