Ultra Thin Lamp

Light sources have never been so flexible, so unique and so eye-catching as they are now! Lamps and lamps have already become not only sources of light, but also an indispensable part of every interior, an important part of every decor, sometimes even focal points. Today we share one of these super unusual lamps and it is Link lamp by designer Rui Alexandre Antunes da Palma.

The Link is a flat lamp that directs light in unexpected ways to create lighting that is second to none. It has an arc design aesthetic that has a simple twist in the top center section that allows the OLEDs in the device to light up the line in different directions. This helps make lighting more carefree than focusing it on a specific room or section of a room.

There are no buttons or switches to operate. Instead, the Link lamp turns on and off with a simple touch to further enhance the simplicity of the home accessory. This lamp is a great choice for a modern, minimalist or industrial interior. Their shape and flexibility allow a perfect mix. What a masterpiece!

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