Uncluttered Loft Design

At some point we all start to surround ourselves with “things” that inspire us in some way, and creative people are always inspired by really unique things and images. So it is very interesting to take a look at their houses. Artist Christian Jankowski’s house is one of those places where you can spend hours looking and still find new details.
This living space is a converted factory that feels like a loft. The remains of the wall let you know where the building was, and the new wooden walls are a welcoming newcomer. Most of the walls and floors have been whitewashed to create a neutral background for the artists’ works, and to add warmth the designer used warm wood and bricks for some of the walls.
The loft is spacious and clearly laid out to inspire the artist and give him space to create. The furniture is also done in neutral colors and shades, but there are some bold touches like an emerald chair or a fur hammock. Like all creative people, the owner not only likes to paint, and his love for music is also reflected in the design: in the corner there is an elegant black piano, several guitars, including an electronic one, which can be hung on the walls if necessary.
There are a lot of textures, different design elements and an airy feeling that is created by tidying up the space and of course the works of the artists really decorate the house, they are bold and eye-catching, and the house in neutral colors is a perfect presentation for his Photos.

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