Unique Dining Tables

The decor of the dining area is important as the mood with which you eat affects the digestive process. Hence, the view and decor of this room should be nice. Even if you don’t have a breathtaking view from your dining area, you can always create a great design to get noticed. The dining table is the focal point of this room. So why not rock a gorgeous dining table that will make your space dramatic and unique? I have prepared some ideas that will inspire you. Let’s get started.

Glass tables

Glass is a chic modern material that promises cool design in itself. Glass dining tables might not be that practical, but they look spectacular! You can opt for a transparent glass table on transparent legs to make the table look ethereal. Another idea is to rock a transparent glass top and some very bold legs – made of wood, metal, stone, concrete, and with such a top they will become a cool decoration. I also like the idea of ​​rocking a wooden table with glass inserts of a different color. Such a table is a perfect idea for any modern or minimalist dining area.

Wooden tables

Wood is another popular material for dining tables, and here a wood dining table with a live edge is a very trendy option. Enjoy all of the wood’s imperfections and its natural appearance – don’t try to make it perfect. It can be a wooden table with a planter in the middle – it will add a cool, natural feel to your meals. Try a contrasting wooden table of different colors or rock a pool table – this is a prized man cave find! For example, your wooden table can have a simple tabletop but unique metal legs.

Epoxy resin

Typically used on wood, epoxy resin makes the table more durable and looks unique. Stone resin of bold and eye-catching color and wood in a different shade to create a real masterpiece. There are even DIY techniques for making such a piece.

Other ideas

Although concrete is considered minimal and maybe even boring, you can create an eye-catching piece: make a geometric concrete table that juts up the wall and accent it with some pendant lights. A living table with grass turns any meal into a picnic. Lucite is a more durable alternative to traditional glass, so you can try a fully transparent Lucite table.

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