Unique Folding Chair

Ollie by designers Jessica Banks & Pete Schlebecker is nothing more than a folding chair you’ve seen before! The chair has a unique folding design that makes it only 5 cm thin when folded and looks like a harmless work of art. When it is opened it becomes a fairly sturdy chair with a built in lumbar support, which makes it not only beautiful but also incredibly comfortable. The construction of the chair consists of aluminum sheets and a nice-looking flexible wooden drum made of teak, which is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

Ollie’s magic lies in the way it gracefully opens and closes. With a movement that seems almost like a magic trick, the chair opens wonderfully and a simple string on the back can be pulled to close the chair back into its leaf avatar. In both closed and open formats, Ollie looks like a work of art.

Thanks to its wood / metal aesthetic, it goes well with almost any decor. Trust me, you will impress your guests for a long time with his hypnotic folding / unfolding technique!

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