Unique Holiday Villa

The weekend is coming and we all dream of a fantastic vacation like never before. I will pamper you with eye candy that will definitely inspire you to rush off on vacation somewhere.

The 150 square meter Villa Ypsilon was designed by the London and Brussels based company LASSA and allows its owners to climb onto the roof to admire the Greek Peloponnese peninsula. The arched shape of the summer house corresponds to the wishes of the customer for a vantage point from which he can overlook the agricultural areas as well as the nearby mountains and the coast. Another requirement was to design a layout that enabled the entire periphery of the building, rather than just preferring the panoramic sea views.

The three-pronged concrete shell that forms the roof also frames three courtyards on the ground floor, all of which catch the sun at different times of the day. The facades scoop inward to give these terraces the shadow of a concrete lip that defines the grass roof. One houses an eye-shaped pool and sundeck, while the other forms a gravel terrace. The last segment houses a sunken seating area.

Inside there are three bedrooms and two bathrooms to the east, while the open plan living area is to the south and offers access to all three courtyards. The western courtyard is laid out between breakfast and noon, the east is best at lunchtime and the south is open from late afternoon.

The only color used for the decor is white to bring out the vacation feel of the house. The materials used are local materials such as concrete, terrazzo and marble. They look chic and give the house a luxurious feel.

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