Unique Swinging Stool

Geometric decor and furniture are extremely popular these days, and more and more designers are creating amazing items with such patterns or just shapes. Today we’re sharing one of the super modern and trendy designs that is awesome in its own way and is specially designed for active people who just can’t sit still without doing something – both adults and children.

The geometric stool by Katia Zapadinsky is named after its unique construction, which consists of just five geometric parts that interlock like a 3D puzzle to stay in place. Designed for those who cannot sit still. Its shape makes it possible to sit stably as well as while rocking and swinging. The chair is made of light wood and synthetic leather, looks modern and yet very natural. Everything without and screw or glue!

Such a chair is a nice idea for active adults, for fans of rocking furniture, and just for children – they really love it! I think kids will somehow paint or decorate the simple stool too, such a beautiful and inspiring idea!

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