Urban Barn Home

Is it possible to combine rustic simplicity and urban design? What can a modern urban barn house look like? The house we share today is the answer to these questions and will enchant everyone.

Simplicity, sophistication, and comfort were what the owners of this urban barn house from Julia Day of Generation were looking for. They also wanted privacy, comfort and tranquility, and hide the borders from the neighbors. In order to achieve this, an open and owed layout was designed, consisting of intimate rooms that have a high priority on the comfort scale.

The architect made the house both luxurious and restrained at the same time. She went for a palette of subdued and natural finishes and a stunning selection of iconic furniture, chosen for its honesty, purity and exceptional handcrafted quality. The layout is dominated by three parallel barns, each of which houses the living and sleeping areas, as well as two silos in which the more functional uses of the house are taken into account: an elevator shaft, a cloakroom and a sauna. Oak, steel and exposed concrete hold back the aesthetics, while generous proportions and lack of decoration allow the house to breathe.

There is little difference between inside and outside, with huge openings offered by cavities and stacking doors, as well as furniture clearly not in the open air. To resist decorating for the sake of decorating, this is a home that gets to the heart of simplicity and proves that true luxury is not about ostentation – it holds back the excess, lets the bones of a room breathe and nominates quality before Quantity.

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