Very Lovely Baby Nursery Bedding Nursery Collection by Zambaiti

Almost everyone saw charming works by Australian photographer Anne Gedges. Her beautiful photos of babies became symbols of tenderness and love. There are many different products such as calendars, notepads, diaries and other things that can be found in any store. Although now we want to show you another cool application of these works of art. This is a very pretty baby bedding set offered by Cotonificio Zambaiti. You can choose between several very filigree and beautiful designs. The collection has recently been expanded to include a fantastic new baby bed and bedding set – Flowerpots. Beautiful babies in colorful flower pots look great. Each set consists of all the necessary beds for cot and bathroom accessories such as towels and bathrobes. All products are made in Italy from 100% high quality cotton. If you want more information on any of these very cute baby crib bedding sets, you can find it on the Cotonificio Zambaiti website.

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