Vintage And Sculptural Bathroom Design With Cooper Pipes All Over It

This project is the renovation of a bathroom on the top floor of a late 19th century house near Amsterdam. The antique 100 year old cast iron enamel claw foot bath and the original wooden doors are the only remaining elements of the existing bathroom. Although the bathroom has become contemporary with all the appropriate features, it does not get as sterile as many other modern bathrooms. Natural experiences formed the inspiration: the properties of water, the interplay of light and shadow, frost and decay, taking into account the aging of the room and the materials. Existing materials from the house are carried over into the space: terrazzo and plaster ceilings, while the original wooden doors are painted glossy black to give them a new life.

Ceramic tiles with floral relief form the walls. Like the rest of the copper work, they will age over time and take on a greenish tinge. There are no traditional faucets in this bathroom. They are all made of copper tubing here and have very unusual shapes. These pipes also change their appearance with age.

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