Vintage Madrid Apartment

This renovated 19th century apartment in Madrid was designed by La Traviesa de Conde Duque. The apartments are a charming and magical place with beautiful original features and a wonderful random selection of antique / vintage pieces. Let’s take a closer look at that.

The first step in redesigning this apartment was removing existing room dividers and restoring the original structural elements such as wooden beams and massive brick walls that were left exposed and uncovered. The vintage charm of the apartment was shown in fresh colors.

The living room is bright and looks very cozy with these original elements and beautiful vintage furniture. There’s a restored fireplace, now more for a cool look than warmth, you can enjoy wood beams on the ceiling and walls, and there’s even a glass cabinet on one of the walls that looks incredibly vintage. Look out for the cool upholstered chairs, a sofa, and a nifty coffee table next to it.

The master bedroom also has a non-working fireplace which adds to the style and look of the room. A large mantelpiece above serves as a shelf for storing books and displaying a cool work of art. There is a large bed and a large wicker chair that gives the room comfort and warmth.

Another room I want to mention is the bathroom. This is due to a unique mix of white stucco ceiling, yellow botanical wallpaper, and white subway tiles. There’s a vintage freestanding bathtub, emerald stool, and cork stool – such a mix of styles looks incredibly good together. Now scroll down to see these and other areas of this apartment!

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