Wall Mount Bar Steampunk Style

When it comes to having a home bar, there are many options and styles to choose from. But if you really want a superb home bar, I have a stunning piece that is sure to leave you speechless! This is RH Contract’s luxurious porthole bar, the nicest home bar I’ve ever seen!

Inspired by an industrial sphere of the 1920s, the Porthole Bar combines piping, glass, metal and mirrors for a dramatic effect. The style could be described as glamorous steampunk as the bar seamlessly blends industry and opulence. This home bar combines so many styles and easily matches many interior styles and designs.

The bar is a dark round piece of metal, and the gold details and legs make it sophisticated and glamorous. To me, it reminds me of a unique submarine with glass doors and a glass wall. Inside there are glass shelves and a shelf that is attached to the legs under the entire capsule so you can fit enough bottles and glasses. Make your home bar super spectacular and show the bottles and glasses at their best with this porthole bar!

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