Water feature ideas – ways to add water to any backyard

Adding water feature ideas to your garden design can enhance the sensory experience of your backyard, change the mood and feel, or add life and movement to even the smallest outdoor space.

A fountain or cascade can be stimulating and create drama, while the calm, reflective surface of a pond or the gentle flow of water in a stream or stream can provide a meditative and calming experience.

Water features provide an opportunity to add an interesting variety of aquatic and marginal plants and increase biodiversity for wildlife.

Water feature ideas can also serve as a central focal point around which other backyard ideas, planting plans, and design elements develop.

Water feature ideas
“Water feature ideas need to be aesthetically pleasing and serve a purpose in the rest of your garden design. They don’t have to be complex, and sometimes the simplest designs make the biggest impact,” explains John Wyer, CEO of garden design firm Bowles & Wyer.

Before adding a water feature to your yard, think about what you like. There are many garden pond ideas that can create a therapeutic focus.

“Is it the sound of running water? A still body of water that reflects the sky and reflects light in the garden? Maybe a mysterious inky blue pool in a shady corner? “Everything varies from person to person,” explains award-winning landscape and garden designer Helen Elks-Smith FSGD.

Whether you want a calm and tranquil water feature, the gentle ripples of falling water, or a dramatic flow will influence the design and style of the water feature. Before adding a water feature to your yard, think about what you like.

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