White Barn House

Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects’ studio in San Francisco took a look at traditional barns to create this modern apartment in a Northern California farm valley.
The residence is called Hupomone Ranch and is located in Petaluma, a small historic town with a culture of agriculture and ranching. The name refers to the biblical term “Hupomon”, which is usually translated as “patient and steadfast”. When the customer purchased the property, the ranch had been idle for over 30 years. The owners wanted to build a barn house that reflected their commitment to sustainable agriculture, drawing on the natural serenity of the site and building on the local feel of western Petaluma.
A crumbling old shed was demolished to make way for the new home. The apartment is decorated to compliment the rolling landscape and capture the view of a coastal mountain range in the distance. The architect clad the structure with newly sawn cedar that was painted white and covered the house with a gable roof. The house covers 2,500 square feet and has three bedrooms.
The entrance is on the north side and offers a view through the house and onto a meadow behind it. The communal area with living and dining room is flanked on both sides by “saddlebags” that contain bedrooms and a kitchen. The kitchen has large sliding windows overlooking an orchard and vegetable garden. The light-flooded central area houses a small sleeping loft, which is accessible via a simple staircase with railings made of thin cable.
The interior design was created by Erin Martin Design from California. The decor is reminiscent of ranches and barns thanks to whitewashed wood walls in various rooms and cute rustic touches like faux fur for a bedspread or a black metal tank to cover the bathtub, but there were also plenty of modern elements to freshen up the decor and hint that it was is a 21st century ranch. One of the dominant features is a large canvas print with a picture of Maria Felix, a legendary Mexican movie star who became famous in the 1940s. The furniture includes a soft, soft, and custom-made leather ottoman. The owners have built their own outside tables and benches and are currently building a dining table.
The house has a number of energy saving features including a geothermal system, radiant cooling and photovoltaic panels.
Lutsko Associates landscape design includes an outdoor dining area and swimming pool. A rectangular pool house has a flat, angled roof and an outdoor kitchen.

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