Winter Vacation Retreat

Winter is a little far away, but it is high time to think about how to decorate your winter vacation home, if there are any. This bright and spacious home in Fuller Hill, Vermont is full of ideas to steal and looks very inviting. It was recently completed by the Touloukian Touloukian creative team. A winding road leads to this modern refuge in an idyllic natural setting. The four bedroom residence is a winter getaway that sits on top of a hill heading north towards the White Mountains.

According to the architects, native materials such as wooden frames, cement fiber cladding, sheet metal and slab concrete have been reinterpreted to give a modern focus. Tall windows are strategically placed around the interiors to provide optimal views of the mountain ranges in the distance and to provide natural light to important living areas.

An airy living room sets the tone for an inviting home. Here residents and guests can lean back in a comfortable chair next to the fireplace and experience winter magic. Firewood stacks create a warm and real ambience. An eight person dining room by the window seems like the perfect place for gatherings.

The bedrooms are spacious and airy, each with a wonderful view of the surrounding landscape. The color palette is kept simple, and refinement is a key feature of the interior design scheme.

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