Wood Texture Furniture

Bringing more and more nature into the home is a big trend today. Designers create pieces that are so rough and unprocessed that they seem to be only brought in from the outside. The furniture collection that we want to share today is one of them and it is sure to have a great success.

German designer Lisa Ertel used a sandblasting technique on wooden furniture to highlight the patterns created by the trees’ annual growth rings.

The Dune collection aims to highlight the “individual story” of each piece of wood and make it a tangible experience. Removing the soft new wood on the outside reveals the underlying shapes of years gone by. The resulting patterns are reminiscent of topographic maps.

For Dune, Ertel deliberately designed bulky stools, benches and chairs made of solid wooden panels. Their style refers to resting places all over Germany that go back to the 16th century.

The benches – known as Ruhstein – are intended as a place for travelers and farmers to place heavy goods. They have similarly simple shapes, which often only consist of a few bars. Ertel’s pieces range from seats that are small enough to hold an arm to benches that are long enough to seat several people at a time.

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