Working Space Craftsmen

From jewelry makers to woodworkers, we all do different types of work, but the tables that are available to us are largely the same. Laura Mrkša’s workbench was designed with this in mind and fully adapts to the individual needs of the craftsman as it is inspired by modern craftsmanship.

The workbench is created as a functional workspace suitable for working with smaller objects. Originally intended as a workspace for jewelry makers, the concept evolved into a modular workbench suitable for a variety of activities. It consists of a fixed grid on the upper table surface. Boxes for easy and practical storage of work materials and other devices. They are inserted into the grid and are easily accessible during the actual work.

The modularity is achieved by inserting additional bars that create a new grid within the existing one. This allows boxes in four different dimensions to be inserted in different combinations.

The whole piece is made of oak, its interesting grain markings are combined with semi-transparent surfaces to create unique, high-contrast patterns on the table surface.

The middle part of the table has a solid surface and materials can be stored on the left or right side. The users create a visual structure of this workspace themselves, modify it and adapt it to their current requirements. This makes this product not only versatile, but also very individual.

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