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Apartment Soft Minimalist Decor

If you want to know what calm and minimalist elegance is, this Copenhagen apartment where the founder of Kinfolk Magazine, Nathan Williams lives, shows you. This is a quiet and soothing space that has been decorated and furnished with impeccable taste – a perfect example of Danish elegance.

The studio or home office is creative and inspiring: there is a desk with a couple of chairs and modern lamps and lights from the middle of the century. The parquet floors and plain white walls make a great canvas for a large format piece of art and a corner photo collage that serve as a source of inspiration.

The dining room has a black dining set and a simple ball lamp hanging above it. A nice ceiling and all white walls make the room calm and peaceful, no excessive details are the key to this.

The living room is also very laconic: the same parquet floors, white walls, and a stucco ceiling are chic and calming; The accent is made with a black vintage sofa and a couple of dark coffee tables. A work of art is also very peaceful and a fluffy rug adds texture to the room. You can see a lot of books all over the place, and this is where I found the coolest way to keep them: keep them on the floor and add a reflective metal surface to make them stand out. This way, you turn a normal stack of books into part of your decor.

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