House Of Brick Volumes

Everything from the choice of materials, to the finishes and colors used, to the distribution of the spaces and the way they interact with the environment, results in a spectacular design for a house recently expanded by M Construction.

The new plan is carefully divided into a number of different rooms linked by bridges, with each brick volume housing an individual function. This ensures a clear distinction between the private and social areas of the house. The volumes are arranged so that they face beautiful parts of the garden and courtyard, respectively, and offer a view of the trees present on the site. The house now extends into the garden, and large sliding doors and wooden dividers ensure a smooth and seamless transition between the volumes and between indoor and outdoor areas.

The interior is simple and focused as much as possible on the view. Concrete floors and white walls create a light and sleek decor that’s complemented by warm wood furniture accents and the occasional pop of color in the form of a textured rug, potted plant, or beautiful piece of art.

Large windows and sliding glass doors bring color and freshness and allow each individual room to feel connected to its surroundings in a natural and stylish way. The bedrooms open directly onto the garden and even the bathrooms offer wonderful views without compromising privacy in any way. Despite the simplicity of the materials and colors, every room and space has a well-balanced decor that doesn’t feel monotonous in any way.

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