Minimalist Lighting

Today we are not only looking for functional furniture and storage solutions, but also lamps and lights that perfectly match our rooms. They should be versatile, mobile, and made from practical materials that are durable, easy to clean and yet look original. Today I will report on such lamps, and this is a collection of three simple lights by the American designer and architect David Rockwell for the New York company Rich Brilliant Willing.

The designer wanted to create minimalist sculpture-like lighting fixtures that could be used in a variety of settings. It includes two wall lamps and a chandelier, each based on simple geometric shapes. Every piece in the collection has a transformative quality, and through variations in size, configuration and light, each piece in the collection can meet any number of aesthetic and functional needs for residential, hospitality and contract settings. Phase, a glass wall sconce, is based on part of the lunar cycle when the moon is half-lit. While one half of the spherical wall lamp emits a bright light, the other half is chrome-plated to create a diffuse glow. It can be installed with the exposed half up for a bright uplight or down for a spotlight effect. A second wall bracket called Notch has a cube-shaped cutout in its rectangular shade. This allows the light to be thrown from above, below and from its core. The exterior of the brass lamp is painted matt black, but the interior has been left free so that the LEDs can be reflected from the interior surfaces. A modular chandelier called Witt consists of a spherical light enclosed in a hollow brass cube. They can be hung in a variety of formations so that users can create a cluster or arrangement of staggered heights.

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