Moss Covered Cabin

This year seems to be the year of the tiny cubicles – we’re seeing more and more of them and more and more designers are being inspired to create their own. Cabins that can be built and moved anywhere are the future of comfortable vacation anywhere in the wild, and modern designers are managing to incorporate more and more features to make such small cabins livable. The one we share today isn’t just a booth, it looks like it’s out of a story.

Jacob Witzling has an inclination for nature and a weakness for forest houses. He has designed numerous tiny apartments in the northwest and eastern United States, including a wanderlust truck cab that he built on a pickup truck in 1979.

One of Witzling’s most creative cabin projects is this imaginative structure that seems straight out of a storybook. The small property was built on an octagonal base of 135 square feet, with space for an attic that provides an additional 80 square feet of floor space. Each plane that forms its octagonal pyramidal roof has a protruding crest – there are 8.32-inch dormer windows that lead straight into the valleys. The roof was then covered with metal, chicken wire, and finally moss, making the structure subtly blend in with the surroundings. There’s a tiny kitchen area with a hob and a few shelves, a couple of padded benches around the heart, and upstairs you can see a dreamy bedroom that’s flooded with light. Owners can feel comfortable inside and enjoy the abundant natural light that falls through large triangular windows at the top of the building. What a dreamy cabin in the woods, such a beautiful place to escape!

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