Creating Furniture Yourself

Design 3.0 Furniture Series For Creating Furniture Yourself - DigsDi

Many of us love DIY furniture and accessories because they make it possible to get something unique. But what if you’re not that good at crafting and want something modular to choose and use? There is a good idea for you and those of you who want to create something ...

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Most Cool And Wacky Basements Ever

5 The Most Cool And Wacky Basements Ever - DigsDi

Usually people have garages, workshops, or just store things in their garages. Only sometimes do you find a playroom, guest room or home theater in a basement. Although some people go further and turn their basement into an indoor swimming pool, sports field, or even a night club. We have ...

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Versatile Sustainable Magnetic Tack Lamp

Versatile And Sustainable Magnetic Tack Lamp - DigsDi

The Tack lamp is small, powerful and magnetic so it can be mounted anywhere. Simply place the magnetic holder on this surface and the tack clicks into place. Tack offers easy and tool-free installation, adaptability to transform a room into multiple environments, and with a small size it can be ...

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Lovely Baby Nursery Furniture by Cambrass

Lovely Baby Nursery Furniture By Cambrass - DigsDi

All parents try to create the most beautiful nursery they could before their baby appears. If you are one of those people who wants to surround your dear baby with beauty from the very beginning, you should take a look at the products of the Spanish company Cambrass. This company ...

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Functional And Very Creative In The Fog Shelving

Functional And Very Creative In The Fog Shelving - DigsDi

Can you imagine how industrial furniture can give your interior a philosophical atmosphere? Incredible? Check out In The Fog by Ukrainian designer Dmitry Kozinenko! These are metal shelves with a dotted pattern that create an illusion of furniture that fades in the air. So easy and so friendly! The shelves ...

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Loft Perforated Central Island

Parisian Loft With A Perforated Central Island - DigsDi

Located in an industrial building from the 1920s, this Parisian apartment has been renovated and redesigned by the SABO project. What is special about this room? The designers decided to add a central island that defines the entire apartment and serves as a partition. The apartment itself has been reduced ...

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