Industrial Home In Light Shades

Blue lampshade, Yellow lamp shade, Industrial home decor, Blue .

We often see industrial rooms that are dark, rough, not very inviting and cozy. But the residence we share today isn’t of that kind – it’s completely comfortable, flooded with light, and shows off a myriad of textures and surfaces that make it interesting and inviting. This large house (3,014 ...

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3d Foulard Shelves Of Transparent Glass

3D Foulard Shelves Of Transparent Glass - DigsDi

Studio Klass already impressed us with the Odeon lamp and now it’s time for storage. Foulard is a curved glass wall shelving collection designed as a modular system to allow multiple layouts on the wall. There is no more room for ordinary shelves of the traditional archetype. We want three-dimensional ...

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Jaw Dropping Desert House

Jaw-Dropping Sculptural Desert House In Joshua Tree - DigsDi

This house looks like an organic object in the desert and its exterior is truly unique – who could think it was a home? This fantastic swell in the middle of the rocky terrain of Joshua Tree, California was designed by Kendrick Bangs Kellogg and the curved interior was created ...

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Space Saving Corner Light For Hallways

Space-Saving Corner Light For Hallways | Light, Exterior light .

The inside corners are often left unused because it is difficult to do so. Angelika Seeschaaf created Corner Light, which combines the architectural lighting of walls and ceilings with a sculptural presence in the cubist style, and a practical pocket shelf with a touch-sensitive light switch and mobile phone charger ...

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Laconic Stainless Steel Abimis Kitchen For Home Chefs

Laconic Stainless Steel Abimis Kitchen For Home Chefs - DigsDi

The Abimis Kitchen from the Italian company Prisma was specially developed for passionate gourmet chefs who are looking for a kitchen at home like that of the great chefs. The Abimis kitchens are made entirely of stainless steel, completely connection-free and surprisingly impact-resistant. The stainless steel surface is polished all ...

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Black White House

Petition · United States Supreme Court: Paint the White House .

A single piece of art from the homeowner’s collection was the inspiration for this stylish renovation and extension of Sydney by Amber Road Design. A retreat for parents, a facade and landscaping have always been created taking into account the interplay of indoor and outdoor spaces. Blurring the boundaries between ...

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